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 Very low halogen flame retardant for copolymerize PP and renewable PP---MP218
Product Introduction:
MP218 is developed on the base of Our MP208,it is the newest very low halogen flameretardant specially used For copolymerize PP and renewable PP, with chracteristics of no antimony and no precipitation. The flame retardant rating can be UL94 V-0(3.2mm), The minimum is UL94 V2 when used in renewable PP in the market.
It can be matched well with color masterbatch, also can be filled with talcum powder and barium sulfate
Compared with traditional flameretardant-- eight bromo ether and Eight bromine S ether, With many advantages of low bromine,good flowability,better performance,no antimonous oxide, light and heat resistant, no precipitation in humid and hot environment, our MP218 is the most ideal No antimony flame retardant for PP, It can meet ROHS and REACH.
1. Appearance: white fine powder
2. Active principle: 99%
3.Decomposition temperature(TGA 2%):265℃
4.Loss o n drying ≦0.5%
LD50 (laboratory rat take orally)>5500mg/kg (Non-toxic)
Potential carcinogenicity: No
Skin irritation: No
Main Application
It is widely used for copolymerize PP, toughening PP and renewable PP
Dosage: When used in copolymerize PP and toughening PP, the dosage is 2-5%, While in Renewable PP the dosage is 5-10% with different base material. Minimum flame retarding rate: UL94 V2
Performance Testing standard 1 2 3
1.5-2%+ Copolymerize PP 1.8-2.5%+Copolymerize PP 2.5-3.5%+ toughening modification PP
Melt index ISO1133 20 0.5 - 1.5 1.0-2.5
Tensile strength(MPa) D638 39 32 25 - 22
Tensile failure elongation at break(%) D638 - - 400-300
flexural modulus(MPa) D790 - - >1000
Impulse strength(breach J/m   37 52 550-300
Density D792 0.90 0.91 0.91
Heat ageing test   125℃/240h-150℃/500h
Temperature resistant testing   135℃/3000h-105℃/3000h
Flame retardant rating(3.2/1.6mm) UL94 V2 V2 V2
Flame retardant rating(0.8mm) UL94 V2 V2 V2
Flame retardant product FMVSS302 TYPE B
Flame retardant product DIN 4102 - - B1
 Package、Store and Transport
25Kg/Bag(Raschel Bags or Strip Packaging), Transport accords to the general chemicals, store it in the dry shady and cool place.
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