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 Flame retardant used for Cotton
Trademark: M103
As a reacting fire retardant with durability,TEXFR-103 is applied to cotton, hemp, rayon etc.
It can be processed easily on normal textile printing equipment. After flame-proof treatment, the fabric can be washed over 50 times. No afterflame, no smoldering, better Drop strong, good hand-feeling.
It can be widely used on fire clothes, Army war under, work clothes for metallurgy, water and electricity, nuke industry, mine market etc., As well as tent, curtain, bunting. In addition, it is also used widely in paper industry
Appearance: Colorless or light yellow, thick liquid
Solid content: ≥80%
pH(10g/100ml water,25℃): 6.0-6.5
Impermissibility: Soluble in water, it has good Impermissibility with normal finishing
Influence to Colored light and solidness: It slightly affects textile’s colored light and solidness inordinately, but can be adjusted and made up by technological conditions
1. Excellent fire-retardant performance to the cotton textile, and fit in with the standard of GB5455-85, standard of BS3210, TY-2500-0009, DOCFF3-71;
2. Durability to washing;
3. Easy preparation of fire-retardant finishing liquid.
It is can be processed and produced at normal rolling machine, drying machine and
Baking machine, no special machines needed.
4. Processed fabric has very good and soft hand-feeling.
M103 is widely used in flame retarded cotton textile.
1. Fabric requirement: Good Water absorbability, neuter or acidic
No residual marks, oil stain and impurities are allowed to show on the fabric
2. Flame retardant liquid preparation:
不太明白,厚重的织物反而用浓度小的阻燃剂? 需要请教下彭老师。
Recommend dosage and process:
1. Formulation:
TEXFR-103, 300-380g/L
Cross bonding resin 60-80g/L
Reinforcing agent 18-20g/L
Catalyst 15-18g/L
2. Working solution introduction:
Mix resin and auxiliaries according to the formula
Better dilute the auxiliaries before mix them with resin.
Only when you use the flameretardant, can you add catalyst to the working solution.
30kgs, 60kgs, 120kgs /bucket (PE bucket) and should load and unload the goods carefully during transportation. Upside down is forbidden. Ventilated and dry air are needed for preservation environment .Retention period: 18months
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