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 2-ring phosphonic acid ester M102A/M102B
The products have two kind brand: Melabo-102A、Melabo -102B, Melabo -102B is similar to Antiblaze-1045、AM45.The application is following:
1. Flame retardant furniture, decorating fabrics
2.Flame retardant automobile textile
3.Flame retardant toy textile
4.Fame retardant coating craft
5.Flame retardant engineering plastics of Polyester, Nylon. B
Product index
1、It is ideal flame retardant polyester fabrics, has excellent function and durability, flame retardant textile have good effect after washed 50 times.
2、The flame retardant Dacron fabric does not have yellow phenomenon.
3、The flame retardant is no halogen and heavy metal, It accord environment protection requirement of developed countries as Europe, etc.
4、After used ,the flame retardant does not influence the fabric to feel and hang the hanging down.
5、The flame retardant has excellent stability, it is for the surface fabric in appearance of decorating ,etc.
6、The Melabo -102B flame retardant engineering plastics of polyester, nylon, is ideal halogens flame retardant ,it can reach UL94 V-0.
Main index
  M-102A M-102B
Appearance colorless or yellowish Colorless thick liquid
Phosphor Content 20.5-21.2 20.0-20.8
density (20℃), gram/cm3 1.25-1.27 1.25-1.27
pH 1.5-3.5 Acid Value less than 0.1mg/g
 Package、Store and Transport
70kg/drum ,polyethylene drum, or packed as per your instruction,
Transport accords to the general chemicals, store it in the dry shady and cool place
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