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 Very low halogen flame retardant for homopolymerize PP---MP208
Main Features:
1) The dosage is very low, in polypropylene homopolymer, only add 1.5% wt can get UL94V2 (3.2mm,1.6mm,0.8mm)
2) Can fill 10-20% inorganic filler such as Talc powder, barium sulfate.
3) No organobromine compound also can pass the strict inspection by ROHS and REACH
4) No add antimony oxide ,no heavy metal.
5) No blooming and good thermal and light stability. Smooth surface and high luster
6) Do not affect the transparency of PP products; it can be used to transparent PP to replace V-class PA6 etc.
1. Appearance: white fine powder
2. Active principle: 99%
3.Decomposition temperature(TGA 2%):265℃
4.Loss o n drying ≦0.5%
LD50 (laboratory rat take orally)>5300mg/kg(Non-toxic)
Potential carcinogenicity: No
Skin irritation: No
Main Application:It is used for all kinds of homopolymerize PP, and PP modified material which is mainly made of homopolymerize PP
Performance Testing standard 1 2
1.5-2%+homopolymerize PP 1.8-2.5%+homopolymerize PP
Melt Index ISO1133 20 0.5 - 1.5
Tensile strength(MPa) D638 32 25
Tensile failure elongation at break(%) D638 50 120
flexural modulus(MPa) D790 1500 1550
Impulse strength(breach J/m)   35 45
Density D792 0.90 0.91
Heat ageing test  
Temperature resistant testing  
Flame retardant rating(3.2/1.6mm) UL94 V2 V2
Flame retardant rating(0.8mm) UL94 V2 V2
Flame retardant product FMVSS302
Flame retardant product DIN 4102 - B1
 Package、Store and Transport
25Kg/Bag(Raschel Bags or Strip Packaging), Transport accords to the general chemicals, store it in the dry shady and cool place.
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