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Melabo -2100A is a halogen-free and environment-friendly flame retardant which main include P,N. It specially designed for various kinds of Flame retardant PP. It also can be used for other flameproof PO. The flame-retardant material was prepared by Melabo-2100A.can content many fields such as Electrical & Electronics, Electrical wires and cables, traffic facilities, Public Places
It has a good compatibility with polyolefin and other polymer materials, thermal stability, No droplet, Less Density(flame retardant pp less than 1.0g/cm3),and excellent damp proof. It can be produced accordingly by the request of customers. Now, it is the desirable flame retardant
The polyolefin was prepared by Melabo-2100A,It surface can become dense and expansion carbon layer when it meet fire. The carbon layer can heat insulation and against air, it can control smoke also. The Production of its goods fit in with the needs of halogen-free flame-retardant materials, technology, low toxicity and low smoke, green-oriented.
Features of Melabo -2100A
1.Excellent process ability: it can satisfy processing the Polypropylene at the temperature of high than 200℃
2.Good compatibility: Melabo -2100A have a good compatibility with PP、PE、EVA, So its has a good mechanical properties
3.Good resistance to aging, may reclaimed and reprocessed
4.Environment Friendly: It has taken into consideration requirements of environmental protection
5.A lower density, A lower smoke development
Melabo -2100A Main index
Appearance Measurement Unit White powder
Nitrogen Content %(m/m) 16.5-18.5
Phosphor Content %(m/m) 20.5-21.5
Average Partical Size μm(D98max) <15.0
decomposition point * >260
moisture content %(m/m) <0.5
Decomposition temperature refers to 1% weight loss measured on the Thermogravimetry Analyzer. Testing condition: speed of temperature is 10℃/min, nitrogen, Alumel, Du Pont2000 Thermal Analyzer.
Recommend dosage and retardant effectiveness
Resins added(%,wt) retardant effectiveness,UL94
PP(copolymerization) ≥28 V-0(1.6mm)
PP(copolymerization) ≥32 V-0(0.8mm)
PP(homopolymer) ≥30 V-0(1.6mm)
HDPE ≥30 V-0(1.6mm)
blends of EVA or HDPE/EVA ≥32 V-0(1.6mm)
Important Notice for processing of Melabo -2100A
1.Melabo -2100A may improve the liquidity of resin, So the beginning extrusion processing temperature should be as low as possible, the maximum temperature should not exceed 210 ℃
2.Melabo -2100A does not need to add other Additives when in use in general. It should be test first when you have to add other Additives, or consulting our engineer.
3. Melabo -2100A should be dry when processing, it must be dried to moisture content of 0.5% or less can continue to use when accidentally wet.
 Package、Store and Transport
25Kg/Bag(Raschel Bags or Strip Packaging), Transport accords to the general chemicals, store it in the dry shady and cool place.
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