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Melamine Polyphosphate owns different character for different synthesizing method. We have succeeded to develop a new Melamine Polyphosphate(MPPPLUS)based on the combustion and degradation mechanism of polyamide and polyester. It has good flame retardant property when it is used with dosing some additives.
Item Index
Phosphorus,% >14.0
Nitrogen,% >42.0
Density,g/cm3 1.72-1.75
decomposition temperature(loss on drying 1%) >300℃
Solubility (25℃g/100mlH2O) <0.1
pH(10g/100mlH2O water suspension) 5.0~7.0
Average Particle Size,μm 5.0
Usage:formula and Flammability on the Flame Retardance of Reinforced Polyamide and Polyester by Melamine Polyphosphate
Resin ,%wt Fiberglass, %wt MPPPLUS,%wt Additive,%wt Flame Retardant Property UL 94,1.6mm
PA6 50.0 25.0 22.0 3.0 V-0
PA66 50.0 25.0 22.0 3.0 V-0
PBT 33.1 32.4 25.0 5.0 V-0
PET 50.0 25.0 22.0 3.0 V-0
 Packing, Storage and Transport
25kgs/bag(Plastic Woven Flexible Bag or Composite Paper-Plastic Bag),Transported as general chsupicals,Stored in cool and dry place.
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