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Melamine cyanurate has high thermal stability and good compatibility with polymer, it is widely used in such materials as epoxy resin, polyurethane, polyolefin and nylon, etc. Because it's inter-atomic bonding similar to polyamide, it is especially match to various kinds of polyamide products.
At present, our product in the market is the newest variety. Compared with other brand, it has many good characteristics after its productive technology being improved, such as low cost, The product itself does not bear group, good thermal stability, excellent performance, etc.
Its different specification and varieties can be used for different basic material---Epoxy resin, transport layer with soaring dragon, Rubber wire cable materials, Nylon engineering plastics, fiber and film..
And it is also ideal halogen-free and no phosphorus flame retardant for high polymer material.
name of product brand Index Use
Flame Retardant M-25 D98≤25μm general type, flame retardant for nylon,also can be used with other flame retardant.
Flame Retardant M-15 D98≤15μm highly dispersed.as flame retardant for engineering plastic and polyolefin cable such as high qulity nylon.
Flame Retardant M-5 D98≤5μm small diameters and narrow size distribution , as flame retardant for nylon,Thin Wall Material.
Flame Retardant M-2 D98≤2μm angstrom level .as flame retardant for nylon monofilament, carpet monofilament.
Recommended dose
-- Nylon 6 Nylon 66
Base Material % 88-92% 90-95%
MCA % 10-15% 8-12
UL94(1.6mm) V-0 V-0
 Package、Store and Transport
20Kg/Bag,It also can accord to customer's special requirement packaging. Transport accords to the general chemicals , store it in the dry shady and cool place.
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